Where does the us rank in education?

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Diploma is the most important work for a student. According to the diploma the department evaluates not only you, but also yourself and your teachers. In the course of defense of the thesis the teachers often continue the unceasing scientific dispute, sometimes asking tricky questions. In the process of defense of the thesis, the scientific value of your work and the real relation of the department to you are clarified.

Theoretically, the diploma is written in the last year, which for this is maximally unloaded, and the last semester is generally released from school.

Diploma work is in the academic hierarchy a step below the thesis and inferior to it in volume, but its real scientific value is much higher. The fact is that objectively, the diploma student has a much greater responsibility, since his work will certainly be read from cover to cover. An opponent and a reviewer will act on the defense, and as a rule, one of them (and even both) is a young and zealous graduate student who is interested in this topic (that is why he was appointed) and who aspires during the defense to “smash” the opposite point view.

Where does the us rank in education? Many years of experience show that the average scientific level of diploma works is, as a rule, higher than the average scientific level of dissertations.

The diploma is made in five copies: for the scientific adviser, for the opponent, for the reviewer, for himself and for the department (faculty). While there is protection, the specimens lie on the table, and the docents curiously glance at them: what did this young man write interesting? Curiosity is quite sincere. One copy will be sent to the archives of the department. There were cases when in serious works they referred to the diploma works of students.

Defense is the main test to which a diploma is subjected. Training for the student was to protect the coursework in previous courses. To defend the thesis work, an opponent is appointed (a teacher or a graduate student who passed the candidate’s minimum in the specialty), a reviewer (graduate student). Their names you will know in advance. If you are not notified, do not be lazy and find out for yourself – it will be useful. Opponents should receive the text of the diploma for review at least a week before the defense.