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The argument in the review is of no small importance. It’s not enough to write that the film is cool or does not suit at all. Remember the subjectivity in the assessments and try to explain what exactly you did not like. Then the reader of your review will be able to correlate your tastes with yours and draw conclusions, it is worth it to read or watch, or not worth it.

A good end will be a recommendation, who should pay attention to this work. And do not limit yourself to the standard “All horror fans must watch!” Try to think more broadly and creatively, imagine yourself in the place of a man who only thinks if he should get acquainted with this film or book.

For example, a book is sure to please the fans of the author, but it’s definitely not worth starting to get acquainted with his work with this work. Be sure to include this in your review.

It is possible to speculate a bit about the target audience for the product, who will be interested in the problems raised in it. For example, teenagers will look at the history of teenagers with interest, of course, but older people may also be interested in this, because they also once experienced this age. But the film about the problems of young mothers will not interest everyone.

Another important point with which you have to decide is where you will publish your feedback. You can create a profile on one of the popular sites with reviews on books and films. And you can have your own blog on one of the free platforms.

Even if it seems to you that the opinion of a professional literary critic or some famous actor or director has more weight and deserves to be mentioned in your review, remember: if a person is looking for reviews on books or films, then he is interested in the opinion of ordinary people. Therefore, in the first place, you should write your opinion about the book you read or other work.