Dissertation titles

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Dissertation titles work, which should appear in advance in the of the plan and thus prepare the reader for the correct perception. This will not be difficult for the author, who, when he starts writing the essay, imagines what and how he will write. But the strategy and the sequence of actions will not prevent in any case. Therefore, starting work on the plan of the essay, try to build it according to this algorithm:

Clearly define and formulate the theme, because it is from it you will build on its writing.

To make the first step in compiling a composition will help understanding its purpose. After you yourself answer the question, what goals the composition pursues, its plan will crystallize. For example, it can be an analysis of the main idea of ​​the work, a comparison of two opposing theses, proof of the idea of ​​a literary work, a discussion of philosophical problems, or simply the presentation of certain events. One way or another, you must understand the direction of the topic of writing: from what it arises, how it develops and what the reader should lead to (and, of course, you as the author).

It’s better (and simpler) to use theses as headings of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs in the preparation of the plan.

Don’t overload the plan with points, use only those that are really meaningful and do not repeat neighboring parts. Otherwise it will be more difficult for you to distinguish them from each other and orient yourself in the development of the plot, and the evaluation for the work can be reduced. Remember that when you compose a plan for writing, the golden rule is: better is less, but better.

Сreating a plan, you are already laying out the structure of the future work – don’t forget about it, so that you don’t complicate your task later with too complicated (or vice versa simplified) and / or obscure plan. Be guided first of all by your own understanding: if the plan seems accessible to you, then most probably, the content of the text of the essay will not be difficult for him.

If you do not know where to start the composition and its plan, ask yourself a simple question: what will you talk about with the reader? The answer, in fact, can contain the idea of ​​the whole work. Its laconic formulation can be an excellent text headline, more detailed – the first point of the plan, and reformulated in another perspective – the final part (conclusions).